In December 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) released the nal ruling requiring the use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) for the commercial truck and bus industries. The nal rule was implemented to improve road safety, strengthen compliance, and protect commercial drivers. To assist eets in complying with the new regulations, Geotab has prepared this overview of the changes in the new regulations, including an electronic logging history and a comparison of the changes in the different rulings.

    This paper addresses these important questions:

    • What is an ELD?
    • Who does the new ELD rule impact?
    • What is the timeframe for compliance?
    • What should motor carriers do to comply?
    • What are the bene ts of ELDs?
    • How can Geotab help with HOS/DVIR compliance?


  • Omnitracs IVG

    Keep Connected On the Road with the Industry-Leading Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG)

    The Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) is the latest in a long line of devices that the industry has come to rely on for decades. Built on an industry-leading platform with a reputation for reliability, the IVG combines robust computing power and durability with sleek, modern and easy-to-use features and functionality.

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  • Omnitracs XRS

    Mandate | XRS Intro | XRS Case Study

    The Final Rule will provide detailed technical and performance standards, a certification process, communication methods of sharing logs with enforcement, methods for maintaining privacy for drivers to reduce harassment, and more. The rule is 25 years in the making – and the FMCSA is aiming to get it right to avoid court and congressional challenges.

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Top 7 Goals of the ELD Mandate

  • ELD in 3 Minutes

    Fuel data is automatically imported from supported fuel cards. Updates from the pump trigger maintenance alerts, and odometer validation ensures accurate fuel reporting. Notifications are sent when invalid mileages are detected so they can be corrected - improving fuel economy metrics.
  • Advantages of Getting Ahead of the ELD Mandate

    Fremont Contract Carriers, Tri-State Motor Transit (formerly Secured Land Transport), and Cowan Systems explain why they chose to adopt early of the ELD Mandate and the successes they're realizing as a result.