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What if you could use GPS equipment already installed in your vehicles not only to find out where your vehicles traveled, in miles but actually use that information to calculate your IFTA, Mile Taxes, and even IRP percentage calculations without you doing a thing?

Fuel Tax Automation is a process in which GPS lat/long data is used to build IFTA compliant trip records utilizing state-of-the-art processes and software applications. Unlike standard GPS mileage calculations, ProMiles takes the lat/long ping data and builds trip using our industry leading ProMiles Routing Engine, then places each trip into a web based Fuel Tax account for the end user to review.

Once trips are uploaded, ProMiles then imports all the required fuel purchase information directly from the fuel card provider. Not only does the system calculate the most accurate miles possible by using data recorded by the vehicle, but it also creates an auditable trip record that captures routes traveled, jurisdictional miles, trip dates and a viewable trip sheet complete with an interactive map of the trip.

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AFTR Features

Automates tax calculations for state miles reports, IFTA, and Mile Tax reporting forms.

Saves time with no more trip entry

Reports are completed in minutes on state forms

Complete integration with fuel card providers for fuel purchase importing.

Saves money by reducing reporting issues and personnel. It also lets you calculate load surcharge by route and fuel cost and find means to save.

Creates trip records, compliant with state and federal tax regulations.

Includes standard FuelTaxOnline features currently used by thousands of subscribers.

Feedback from users show increase in driver efficiency and satisfaction.


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