Route4Me optimizes your route when traveling to multiple destinations [...] Route4Me claims that routes are usually 25-35% shorter after being optimized."

Traxxis GPS has partnered with Route4Me

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Traxxis GPS has partnered with Route4Me to delivery route planning and optimization solutions integrated with three of our GPS tracking and fleet management systems, including: TomTom Telematics, Geotab and Fleet Locate. With this integration, our customers can use Route4Me to plan and optimize their routes in advance and use one of our integrated GPS tracking systems to document actual arrival and departure times as well as see where vehicles are on their route throughout the day.

Route4Me is easy if you want to save time

Never Spend More Than 60 Seconds Per Day Planning Routes With Route4Me

Do you think FedEx or UPS could service millions of customers each year if they were still using pen and paper, a whiteboard, or Google Maps? Visiting more customers with Route4Me is easy if you want to save time on planning routes. On average, Route4Me users reduce their daily route planning chore to less than 10 minutes per day, but drivers may experience a staggering 35% reduction in drive time. The time and money savings are even bigger for fleets looking for a fleet routing software solution.

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