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IoT asset tracking solution

Industry-Leading Battery Life & Reliability

Build a better IoT asset tracking solution with the largest portfolio of certified and integration-ready LPWAN battery-powered GPS asset tracking devices with the widest range of connectivity and location technology options including GNSS, WiFi Positioning, Cell Tower Positioning, Bluetooth® Low Energy, Iridium Satellite, and LoRaWAN® Geolocation.

Rugged and reliable GPS tracking device GO9 Rugged on Traxxis GPS Solutions' Geotab page
Battery-powered GPS asset tracking devices on Traxxis GPs Solutions' digital-matter page
Battery-Powered GPS Tracker Falcon on Traxxis GPS Solutions' digital matter page
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Battery-Powered GPS Tracker Remora2 on Traxxis GPS Solutions digital matter page
Industry-Leading Battery Life & Reliability on Traxxis GPS Solutions' digital matter page
low power design

“Deploy Once” Low Power Design

Our focus and expertise in low power design significantly reduces the cost and complexity of device management and technical support. With industry-leading battery life, our battery-powered GPS trackers perform better, last longer, and require minimal interaction once deployed.

Over-The-Air (OTA) updates

Smarter Movement-Based Tracking

Customize reporting frequency based on your specific use case and quickly apply parameter changes with Over-The-Air (OTA) updates.

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Ready to optimize your fleet?

GPS Trackers

What makes our Battery-Powered GPS Trackers different?

Proven Expertise

Global leaders in the asset tracking Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ecosystem as determined by ABI Research. Over 1M+ devices designed, manufactured, and deployed across 120+ countries with over 1.5K endpoints and counting.

Global Connectivity

Comprehensive range of LPWAN IoT devices with global Cellular (2G, 3G, LTE-M / NB-IoT) LoRaWAN®, Sigfox and Bluetooth® connectivity options.

Fast Integration

Fast and secure integration into any IoT software platform and or GPS asset tracking system with comprehensive documentation and a flexible and open payload format.

Leading Performance

Our commitment to quality engineering and expertise in low-power design means our devices perform better, last longer, and are easier to manage than competitors.

Device Management

Customize device parameters to fit your use case. Manage, monitor, debug, and update our battery operated devices remotely with our Device Management Platform.

Technical Support

Get industry-leading technical support with device activation, installation, configuration, integration, troubleshooting, and more.

Data Security

Protect your data with military-level AES-256 (Cellular) and AES-128 (LoRaWAN) Encryption.

Customize and Scale

Save time, money, and accelerate time-to-market by adapting our current range of devices to fit niche applications with custom firmware and sensor integrations.
GPS Trackers
Battery-Powered GPS Trackers
Protect Your Fleet and Workforce

Device Features

High Precision GPS

Our battery-powered trackers use GPS and GLONASS positioning systems simultaneously with a 72 channel high sensitivity receiver (-167dBm) for enhanced accuracy and faster fixes.

GNSS Assistance

Built-in GPS for precise driving route, vehicle speed, event location & direction.

Low Noise Amplifiers

GPS signals are boosted by a unique low-noise amplifier (LNA) allowing operation where other units fail.

Rugged & Weatherproof

IP67 rated housing ensures devices can withstand fine dust, high-pressure spray, submersion for 30 minutes in 1m of water, and extreme temperatures.

Off-the-Shelf Batteries

Powered by user-replaceable and easily accessible Alkaline, Lithium, or Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) batteries, depending on the device!

Low Battery Alerts

Built-in Battery Management for monitoring battery use and accurate remaining life predictions available on several battery-powered devices.

Easy Install

Multiple installation options for covertly securing devices to assets with screws, bolts, cable ties, rivets, and more.


3-Axis Accelerometer to detect movement and high g-force events.

Asset Utilization & Run Hour Monitoring

Capture run hours based on movement to understand and optimize asset utilization.

Advanced Geofencing

Create custom geofences and alerts if an asset enters or leaves specific locations. Geofences can also be downloaded directly to the device for enhanced location-based behaviors.

Theft Recovery

Switch to Recovery Mode in the case of theft or loss to activate live-tracking at 30 second intervals for asset retrieval.

Impact Detection

Receive impact-detection alerts when assets are involved in accidents, abused, or misused.

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