OEM Integrations

Access to vehicle data without hardware costs

Geotab’s OEM Data Platform allows you to view and manage all of your vehicle and equipment data from one easy-to-use telematics dashboard, no matter the OEM or telematics device used.

Fastest dispatch on the planet

Why Choose OEM telematics?

Cost advantage

No device hardware or installation costs.

Flip the switch

Easy remote, contactless activation and no hardware installation means no downtime.

Access to rich, proprietary data

Access OEM-specific vehicle information from built-in, tamper-proof OEM hardware and sensors.

Geotab Integrates with the leading OEMs

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Geotab OEM Data Platform

How does Geotab’s OEM Data Platform work?

Geotab is rapidly expand

Simplify mixed fleet management

Geotab is rapidly expanding its list of integrated partners to provide fleets with different makes and models of vehicles and equipment with the solutions needed to oversee an entire fleet in one portal.