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Real Time Tracking & Scheduling with WORKsmart™ – Track
The WORKsmart™ – Track solution enables you to track and trace your vehicles and analyse how each is being driven. It works by gathering trip and other data from the TomTom device installed or carried in each vehicle.
It’s hard to practice hands-on management when your teams are out on the road all day. Especially when the schedule they left with changes mid-morning. If only you could see exactly where they’re going. How fast they’re travelling. Where they’ve stopped. And when.
Take control with WORKsmart™ – Track
WORKsmart™ – Track gives you the level of control you want. Log on to TomTom WEBFLEET® from your desk computer or even from your smart phone, and you can see at a glance if a vehicle’s moving or standing still. Check how many miles it has travelled. How well it’s being driven. In short, all the information you need to analyse how your vehicles are being used is there at a glance. Allowing you to make any changes necessary to improve efficiency.
Full insight
WORKsmart™ – Track helps you to optimise how your vehicles are used. Because when you know the location of every vehicle, you can schedule jobs more efficiently, increasing productivity by reducing worker downtime. Why waste money ringing everyone in the field? Just look on the map and send the nearest available driver to a new job. You can also save time and money on administration thanks to the automatic registration of trip data and logbook records for both business and private mileage. Tracking and tracing your fleet adds clarity and transparency to your operation, allowing you to provide an even better service to your customers. Tracking gives you the real time position of each vehicle, while tracing details of the journey it took, including past locations, standstill times and mileage. So it’s easy to prove where your vehicles were at different times, or the distance travelled for each job. You can also demonstrate that your drivers have taken sufficient breaks on long journeys, as required under working-hours legislation.
Solve problems straight away
With WORKsmart™ – Track, you can see at a glance when vehicles are idling, speeding or suddenly braking, which might indicate aggressive or dangerous driving. If you spot a problem, you can address it straight away with the driver concerned. You could also draft safer driving guidelines and measure each driver’s performance against them. Once drivers know their behaviour is being monitored, they’ll adopt a safer and more fuel-efficient driving style. And that will save you money on fuel bills, insurance premiums, maintenance and repair costs – while reducing your carbon footprint too.
Access reports
TomTom WEBFLEET® lets you generate accurate, reliable reports on a range of useful criteria. Want to look at journey times and private mileage for the past month? Just press print. You can use data gathered over the last 90 days to spot patterns and trends. You can even incorporate the data into payroll and other applications to make your processes more efficient.
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