WORKsmart Time

Published on 09-03-2014

TomTom WORKsmart™ Time

WORKsmart™ – Time

Make every second count with WORKsmart™ – Time
In business, time is money. Money in, and money out. To maximise your profit margin, you need to increase your billable time and cut back on the costly kind – downtime, overtime, journey time, admin time.

  • Comply with regulations
  • Easy Timesheet Management
  • Reporting Excellence

With WORKsmart™ – Time, you can track and record how time is being spent across your organisation. You can then take steps to increase the number of hours spent on income-generating activities, and reduce the time spent on less profitable ones.

No more time wasting
Remove the manual timesheets and you immediately recover the time drivers spend filling them out. Back in the office, the automated time-keeping records are ready to use in payroll and other applications. 

There’s no time wasted collating sheets, adding up columns or ringing drivers to clarify an entry. It also gives you indisputable evidence when it comes to dealing with overtime claims. 

Need to keep track of time for legal reasons? WORKsmart™ – Time makes it easy. You can view and print reports at the touch of a button to demonstrate your compliance with working time directives, health and safety regulations and more. 

Your eye in the cab
WORKsmart™ – Time can also help you monitor how long truck drivers have spent at the wheel. There’s no need to wait for the trucks to return to the depot. The LINK unit installed in each truck simply transfers the tachograph data back to the office, where you can view it on TomTom WEBFLEET®.

You’ll see at a glance who has nearly reached their maximum driving time, and who has time to spare. And because you’re dealing with real time data, you can be confident that the decisions you make are based on the latest status of everyone on the road.

Reliable information
Manual timesheets are frustrating for drivers and time-consuming for your business. They are also less than reliable as drivers may struggle to remember exactly when they started or finished work.

WORKsmart™ – Time brings timesheet management into the 21st century, giving you the tools you need to track the exact working hours of individuals and groups travelling in your company cars, trucks and vans.

Employees just use their TomTom PRO or the Remote LINK Working Time device to register the moment they start work, take a break or head for home. So you end up with an accurate record of everyone’s working hours, not just the driver’s. Information about the vehicle’s current position and mileage is also sent back to the office, for viewing in real time over TomTom WEBFLEET®. 

An automated record
WORKsmart™ – Time gives you a reliable, automated record of the time everyone worked. Your business will then have a comprehensive, historic record of its staff-related operational costs to help with customer estimates and workload planning. And if you use the data in your finance systems, you’ll be able to send out detailed invoices showing customers just how much time was spent on each job.