WORKsmart™ – Safety

Keep your drivers safe with WORKsmart™ – Safety
Your drivers spend the best part of each day on the road, moving from one customer to the next through busy traffic along unfamiliar roads. But while they’re out of sight, they’re still under your care. So how can you help them to drive responsibly, with consideration for themselves, their vehicles and other road users?
WORKsmart™ – Safety is all you need to keep your drivers safe at the wheel from behind your desk. It reduces the stress associated with navigation while keeping drivers focused on the road and on their driving style. And it puts valuable data at your fingertips to assist with managing driving time and scheduling vehicle maintenance.
Protect your employees
WORKsmart™TM-Safety helps to protect your employees when they’re on your time, driving your vehicles. It shows you which drivers are putting themselves and your business at risk with at-a-glance visualisations in TomTom WEBFLEET®. And it encourages your drivers to adopt a safe and efficient driving style by using the TomTom PRO device screen to alert them on key driving-style indicators.
Help drivers relax

With WORKsmart™ – Safety, it’s easier for drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

The advanced lane guidance function in the PRO device helps with navigating tricky junctions. Orders and job instructions arrive as written messages on the PRO device screen and are read out by text-to-speech software, so there’s no need to pull over and write things down.

New addresses can be entered by voice, and the hands-free calling support means there’s no fumbling for mobile phones. And just using satnav will reduce your drivers’ stress levels, too.

According to 2008 TomTom analysis of research by TNS involving drivers in 6 European countries, 74% of drivers are less stressed when using a navigation device.

Promote safer driving
WORKsmart™ – Safety enables you to promote a safer driving style across the fleet, with direct support for drivers in their vehicles and sophisticated tools for driving-style management in WEBFLEET. Active Driver Feedback provides drivers themselves with real-time support for safer driving. Whenever there’s a notifiable driving event, such as harsh steering, sudden braking or speeding, an alert flashes on the TomTom PRO screen, reminding the driver to be careful. Back in the office, the OptiDrive™ indicator in WEBFLEET represents the driving behaviour of an individual, group or the entire fleet using simple icons and values. So you can interpret the data on speeding, fuel efficiency, idling and braking/steering in seconds and decide if intervention is required. You can also adjust the importance given to each component to match your priorities.
Manage driving time
As a responsible business, you need to ensure your drivers are not exceeding the legal safe limits for time behind the wheel. So it’s vital that you factor driving time into your workload planning and management. WORKsmart™TM-Safety gives you full and instant access to the working hours of any of your drivers, in any kind of vehicle. When it comes to truck drivers, it’s especially important that every minute is accounted for. WORKsmart™ – Safety transmits the truck’s tachograph data directly to WEBFLEET in real time. So you’ll always know who’s approaching the limit, and who has time to spare. For drivers of cars, vans, limousines and taxis, WORKsmart™ – Safety makes it easy to monitor each driver’s total working hours and jobs per day, so you can see at a glance who may be overloaded, and who could be doing more.
Improve maintenance scheduling
With WORKsmart™ – Safety, live odometer data from your fleet vehicles is imported into your maintenance scheduling programmes. This helps you to determine the service requirements of each vehicle with precision. And as every fleet manager knows, well-maintained vehicles are safer vehicles.
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