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World Class Management Reporting with WORKsmart™ – Insight
Managing people and vehicles is hard enough. It’s harder still when they’re miles away and moving in different directions. But that’s the challenge you face every day.
You can’t be everywhere at once, so when the time comes to make business-critical decisions, how can you be sure you have all the relevant facts? The detailed figures? The most up-to-date information? You can have all this and more with WORKsmart™ – Insight. It gathers vital, minute-by-minute information about your dispersed workforce and presents it in an easy-to-use format on your PC. It’s all you need to cut through the clutter and drive your business.
Manage your costs
WORKsmart™ – Insight allows you to exercise complete control over your dispersed business no matter how many vehicles you’re running, or how far away they’re travelling. It gives you the detailed information you need to manage your costs, improve your service levels and increase productivity. And you can do it all over the internet, from any PC, using the TomTom WEBFLEET® application.
Gather valuable business intelligence
WORKsmart™ – Insight gives you instant access to the most comprehensive set of data imaginable. You can view the current and historic location of every vehicle…The mileage each car, van or truck travelled between stops and the time taken…Identify which are business, commuting or personal miles. The time your staff started and finished work…When they took a break. The speed a vehicle is being driven…The gear it’s in…The fuel it’s using (or wasting) and the associated carbon footprint. The list goes on. With all this information at your fingertips, you can make well-informed, evidence-based decisions to keep your costs down, productivity up – and your business moving forwards.
Monitor your performance
The WEBFLEET® dashboard presents all this information in one place, with simple graphs that make it easy to understand at a glance. The data is grouped into KPIs so you can measure how well individuals and groups are doing against targets you have set. The system stores data for the past 90 days, so you can arrange to view the data over time to identify any trends. If performance is poor or slackening in one area, you can drill down to the detail and work out exactly where to make a change.
Generate automated reports
WORKsmart™ – Insight makes light work of preparing reports. Because all the data is there in the system, ready to reproduce whenever and however you choose – all at the push of a button. You can arrange for reports to be generated automatically every day, week or month, print one out as you need it or have scheduled reports sent straight to your email address.
Streamline your business processes
The data may be stored in WEBFLEET®, but that’s no reason for it to sit there. Make it work for you by adding value to your everyday business processes. You can enrich your payroll applications with working hours data, for example. Use mileage figures to provide activity- based accounting for your customers. Or separate private and business mileage records for tax purposes.
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