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Work harder for yourself and the planet with WORKsmart™ – Eco
Eco-friendly businesses have an edge. Society respects their social conscience and they attract like-minded customers wanting to work with green suppliers. They tend to have lower operational costs and are already heading in the direction that legislation will force the rest to go.
Even if you’re more interested in economy than ecology, it makes sense to go green – and sooner rather than later. The WORKsmart™ – Eco package helps you reduce your company’s carbon footprint while cutting costs across your business. It’s the easy way to realise your green ambitions and save money at the same time.
Cut costs and save the environment
WORKsmart™ – Eco monitors and tracks driving styles across the fleet, giving you the insight you need to identify behaviour that’s risky to drivers, damaging to the environment and costly to your business. The greater your mileage, the higher your CO2 emissions. Multiply high mileage by the number of drivers you have on the road, and it’s easy to see where a significant part of the problem lies. And where significant savings could be made. If you choose a WORKsmart™ – Eco solution that includes TomTom PRO devices, your drivers can select the Eco Route as they navigate from one customer to the next. The Eco Route calculator considers all the factors that affect fuel consumption and identifies the most fuel-efficient route for the journey, saving you money at the pump while reducing your impact on the environment.
Spend less on maintenance
You can also track the current location of field vehicles with WORKsmart™ – Eco, which makes it easier to schedule work efficiently. Sending the nearest available driver for a job can reduce unnecessary mileage across the fleet. And with less wear and tear on your company vehicles, your maintenance costs should be lower too. Not to mention your carbon footprint.
Greener driving
A stable, fluid driving style is more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly than speeding or stop-start driving in heavy traffic. WORKsmart™ – Eco delivers information on the driving style, speed, carbon footprint and idle time of every vehicle you have on the road, straight to your PC. With such detailed information to hand, you can see at a glance what needs to improve. You can then develop a green driving policy for your company, setting out the advice and guidance your drivers need to be more fuel-conscious on the road. You’ll also be helping to keep your drivers safer, by encouraging a driving style that reduces their exposure to risk.
Monitor your progress
TomTom WEBFLEET® uses the mileage and fuel consumption data for each car, van or truck to calculate the carbon footprint of individual vehicles and the entire fleet. The information can be viewed in real time as a KPI on the WEBFLEET® dashboard. You can then compare vehicles according to their fuel efficiency, idle time and fuel wastage. You can also set targets for each KPI and measure individuals or teams against them, to ensure everyone’s doing their bit for the environment.
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