What is Telematics? – A Brief History

Person using easy and smart fleet application conveniently on his mobile phone

The rate of technological change has begun moving at breakneck speed in recent years.

Ever increasing demand for new consumer technology has driven greater innovation in the business sphere too and nowhere is this more evident than in telematics.

Traditional perceptions of the ‘black box’ and ‘dot on the map’ are well and truly relegated to the past.

Modern systems use connected vehicle technology to create integrated end-to-end business systems that allow everyday processes to be completely digitized.

Mobile workers can now conduct vehicle checks, access their daily workflow, navigate to each job avoiding traffic, automatically notify a customer of their accurate arrival time, capture a signature to log proof of delivery and instantly transmit all the updates over the air to the office, where the data can be integrated with back office systems such as CRM, ERP or routing and scheduling software.