Traxxis GPS Solutions Becomes TomTom Telematics’ First U.S. Platinum Partner!

Traxxis GPS Solutions Becomes TomTom Telematics’ First U.S. Platinum Partner!

TomTom Telematics’ First U.S. Platinum Partner!

The TomTom Telematics/Traxxis GPS Solutions story begins in 2006, when TomTom was looking to introduce their flagship Webfleet fleet-management solution into the US. As it happens, at that same time Traxxis GPS was looking for an integrated GPS location, dispatch and navigation solution to bring to their customers. A partnership was born!

TomTom’s focus in the U.S. was to enhance the Webfleet solution by catering to drivers’ needs as well as the needs of dispatchers and internal office staff. Couple that with an embedded vehicle-diagnostics and maintenance application and you have a total fleet management solution that increases field-force productivity and provides managers with verifiable business metrics to enhance efficiencies. All in all, a comprehensive solution that was user-friendly and allowed companies to quickly and easily manage their mobile fleet operations.

This vision resonated with one of the core principles of Traxxis GPS – to provide a complete fleet-management system that addresses the changing needs of the telematics industry in a user-friendly platform. The results speak for themselves. The alignment of core company philosophies has worked – since the partnership was established, Traxxis GPS has placed over 5,000 TomTom GPS units in service in the United States and has become one of TomTom’s most successful resellers.

It’s a natural progression for Traxxis to be named the first U.S Platinum Partner in TomTom’s history, but it’s a distinction we’re very proud of. This honor allows us to continue to build on the relationships Traxxis has established with TomTom, and provides the leverage needed to better service and support our customers!

The story is just beginning, so stay tuned…