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  • Can’t change driver performance with carrot or stick? Try engagement.

    Traxxis GPS Engagement

    Old habits really can die hard. An unwillingness to change and move with the times however can prove extremely costly for businesses.

    For fleet managers, boosting driving performance standards has become recognized as one of the most effective ways of cutting fuel and maintenance costs, managing road risk and reducing motor insurance premiums. 

    But one of the biggest obstacles to achieving and sustaining these improvements is getting buy-in from drivers who are often resistant to change.

    Driver motivation or engagement?

  • How to use telematics TO CONTROL FLEET COSTS

    Control Fleet Cost Traxxis GPS

    Costs of Fleet Operations

    Control Fleet Costs

    Whether public or private, large or small, every fleet can use help in controlling costs. That’s why more and more fleet operators are turning to telematics as an effective solution for managing their fleets within limited budgets. When properly implemented, GPS vehicle tracking systems can generate positive results in many areas, including employee productivity, driver safety and more. But for most fleet managers, what really stands out is telematics’ ability to help lower operational expenses.

  • Planning | Routing | Dispatching Software – For Any Size Fleet

    Fleet Size Doesn't Matter with Maxoptra by Traxxis GPS

    When it comes to scheduling and routing software,

    there seems to be a misconception among people industrywide that robust software solutions are only available for the biggest players with large fleets. To see a return on investment, it is believed that a business must have a sizeable fleet of vehicles in operation every day. However, this simply isn't the case and you could benefit from the same growth potential and improved customer service as large companies who have the latest tools working for them.