WORKsmart Job

Published on 09-03-2014

TomTom WORKsmart™ Job

WORKsmart™ – Job

Run a fluid and responsive service with WORKsmart™ – Job
The only constant when you’re running a mobile business is constant change. A change of venue. A revised deadline. A vehicle breakdown. You need to take every challenge in your stride to keep your business on track.

  • Measure Performance
  • Maximise Efficiency
  • Streamline Processes

The WORKsmart™ – Job package lets you see at a glance how each job is progressing and communicate changing priorities in seconds – so you can optimise your business processes while enabling field-based teams to operate more efficiently.

Fast and efficient
WORKsmart™ - Job shows you the location and status of every driver on a digital map. When a new job comes in you can identify the nearest available driver and send the order instructions directly to their TomTom device. You can include the order type, full address, contact details and any special instructions – so there’s no room for error. The driver can then navigate straight to the destination, following the fastest, most fuel-efficient route.

Integrate dispatch and planning software
WORKsmart™ – Job enables you to streamline your business operation from start to finish. Integrate your dispatch and planning software with TomTom WEBFLEET® to create a seamless order entry process. Or take trip data into your accounting systems to create fully itemised invoices showing the distance travelled and time spent on each job.

Sending the best placed person for each job reduces fuel costs. Automating paper-intensive tasks such as mileage reporting saves you time and money on administration. With a streamlined business you can achieve more with the same number of people. In fact, thousands of WORKsmart™ – Job customers have reported a return on their initial investment in less than 9 months.

Meet your targets
The dashboard feature in WEBFLEET® shows you small graphs of KPIs – key performance indicators – relating to your service levels, productivity and costs, such as the number of orders completed in a day. So you’ll always know how well you’re doing against the targets you’ve set.

Giving your drivers a satnav device means they’ll have fewer distractions, drive fewer miles and have lower stress levels. With WORKsmart™ – Job, they’ll be even safer as they carry out their duties.

There’s no fumbling with mobile phones, or pulling over to write down instructions. New orders arrive as written messages on the TomTom PRO screen, and the text-to-speech software reads them out so your drivers can focus on the road ahead. You can pre-define written alerts for drivers to send if they’re in trouble. They can even use a Bluetooth® phone hands-free over the PRO device.