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OptiDrive 360

Continuously improve your fleet’s performance by actively managing driver behavior

OptiDrive 360 is our complete approach to help drivers adapt a responsible driving style. It provides valuable insights to both the fleet manager and the driver – delivering direct feedback to drivers before, during and after their trip. Responsible driving helps you to lower fuel, maintenance and insurance premiums, reducing the total costs of vehicle ownership.

TomTom Webfleet


Fleet Management Reports
You can only manage what you measure.
Fortunately, you can measure a lot with TomTom WEBFLEET®.

Based on feedback from our customers, we know what kind of information is important. The reports we produce help you to keep on top of everything from fuel efficiency to legal compliancy to quality of service. Find a selection of the most popular fleet management reports in use by our customers below.

Productivity Reporting
Monitor productivity, maximise billable time
Reports on trips, hours and orders help you assess productivity and target areas where there's room for improvement.

  • Improve scheduling by analyzing orders, standstill time, trip time and distance travelled
  • Use records of time spent with customers and time spent on the road to maximise billable time
  • Compare individual and group performance to optimise resource allocation and planning

Cost control reporting
Improve efficiency and cut spend on fuel
Fuel is one area where you can make big efficiency savings, and our cost control reports help you do just that.

  • Spot speeding, idling, harsh braking and steering, and encourage a more fuel-efficient driving style
  • Monitor both business and private mileage and compare it with spend on fuel to identify inefficiency in your fleet
  • Check whether excessive mileage or time is being spent on an order and focus on where you can make the biggest savings

Service level reporting
Complete orders on time and as promised
A record of orders and arrival times shows how reliable your service is. And you can share it with your customers.

  • See if your drivers are arriving on time and analyse the reliability and responsiveness of your service
  • Be transparent and provide a job-by-job insight into time spent driving and time spent with customers

Eco reporting
Drive down fuel use and carbon emissions
TomTom measures your environmental impact and helps you to lower your company's carbon footprint.

  • Promote a more fuel-efficient driving style by monitoring driving performance
  • Use stats on trip time, idle time, distance travelled and fuel consumption to spot problems and improve efficiency
  • Check the carbon emissions for each of your vehicles and work to lower your carbon footprint

Safety reporting
Promote safer driving across your fleet
Reports on dangerous driving, vehicle maintenance and working hours keep you on top of safety.

  • Spot speeding, harsh braking and steering, and encourage a safer driving style
  • Schedule services based on our maintenance reports and keep your vehicles in safe working order
  • Set limits and monitor if your drivers go beyond a safe number of hours behind the wheel

Compliancy reporting
Prove compliance with hours and tax laws
A record of working hours and private mileage means you can show your business is operating within the law.

  • Get a log of both private and business miles for use on tax compliance Ensure your staff are working within driving time directives with a record of hours behind the wheel

TomTom Traffic

WORKsmart™ – Traffic

Keep Moving with WORKsmart™ – Traffic
When you’re out on the road, the only way to stay out of traffic jams is to anticipate them. That means knowing about problems while there’s still time to avoid them.

  • Get the latest traffic information
  • Plan ahead and around traffic
  • Stay ahead of the competition

Beat traffic jams
WORKsmart™ - Traffic helps to keep your mobile teams out of jams, wherever they go, and whenever they travel. So it’s always ‘business as usual’, no matter what’s happening on the roads. It’s all thanks to the sophistication of HD Traffic®, one of the many real time information resources available in the TomTom LIVE Services package.

IQ Routes uses a database of real driving speeds to calculate the best route for the time of day. So the route you follow during the Monday morning rush hour might be different to one that’s calculated later in the afternoon.

HD Traffic uses movement-tracking data from mobile phone signals and TomTom devices to deliver the most accurate traffic information available for motorways, major and minor roads every two minutes. If HD Traffic® identifies a delay ahead your driver will be given the best route to avoid it.

Fewer miles means time saved
It all adds up to the best traffic service available. And it works. According to independent research, drivers travel 16% fewer miles and spend 18% less time on the road when they use HD Traffic®.

Better still, as more and more people use HD Traffic®, experts are predicting a ‘collective effect’ that will see congestion reduced across all road networks for the benefit of all drivers.

Fleet managers and planners can monitor potential traffic problems along each driver’s route from the office, thanks to TomTom WEBFLEET®.

This easy-to-use, web-based application provides managers with a valuable overview of the entire operation, including who’s nearest to each pick-up point, who’s being re-routed around congestion and a realistic ETA for each trip.

Having information that takes traffic into account allows planners to operate a smart scheduling and dispatch service, using the best placed driver for each job, every time.

Avoid traffic and gain the advantage
WORKsmart™ - Traffic gives you many business advantages. While your competitors sit passively in jams, you will be able to offer a more proactive service to your customers, be seen to be doing everything you can to prevent a delay.

At the same time, you’ll reduce driver downtime, as they’ll always be following the fastest possible route from one customer to the next. And cut the amount you spend on fuel that’s wasted in start-stop driving and engine idling time.

The number of vehicles on the road is on the rise. The more the traffic builds, the greater the chance your drivers will get stuck in it: wasting time, burning fuel, missing targets and disappointing customers.

Congestion won’t go away but it can be avoided with a WORKsmart™ - Traffic solution from TomTom. Committed to keeping your drivers – and your business – moving.

WORKsmart Track

WORKsmart™ – Track

Real Time Tracking & Scheduling with WORKsmart™ – Track
The WORKsmart™ – Track solution enables you to track and trace your vehicles and analyse how each is being driven. It works by gathering trip and other data from the TomTom device installed or carried in each vehicle.

  • Reduce Costs
  • Improved Service
  • Driver Safety

It’s hard to practice hands-on management when your teams are out on the road all day. Especially when the schedule they left with changes mid-morning. If only you could see exactly where they’re going. How fast they’re travelling. Where they’ve stopped. And when.

Take control with WORKsmart™ – Track
WORKsmart™ – Track gives you the level of control you want. Log on to TomTom WEBFLEET® from your desk computer or even from your smart phone, and you can see at a glance if a vehicle’s moving or standing still.

Check how many miles it has travelled. How well it’s being driven. In short, all the information you need to analyse how your vehicles are being used is there at a glance. Allowing you to make any changes necessary to improve efficiency.

Full insight
WORKsmart™ – Track helps you to optimise how your vehicles are used. Because when you know the location of every vehicle, you can schedule jobs more efficiently, increasing productivity by reducing worker downtime.

Why waste money ringing everyone in the field? Just look on the map and send the nearest available driver to a new job. You can also save time and money on administration thanks to the automatic registration of trip data and logbook records for both business and private mileage.

Tracking and tracing your fleet adds clarity and transparency to your operation, allowing you to provide an even better service to your customers.

Tracking gives you the real time position of each vehicle, while tracing details of the journey it took, including past locations, standstill times and mileage. So it’s easy to prove where your vehicles were at different times, or the distance travelled for each job. You can also demonstrate that your drivers have taken sufficient breaks on long journeys, as required under working-hours legislation.

Solve problems straight away
With WORKsmart™ – Track, you can see at a glance when vehicles are idling, speeding or suddenly braking, which might indicate aggressive or dangerous driving.

If you spot a problem, you can address it straight away with the driver concerned. You could also draft safer driving guidelines and measure each driver’s performance against them. Once drivers know their behaviour is being monitored, they’ll adopt a safer and more fuel-efficient driving style. And that will save you money on fuel bills, insurance premiums, maintenance and repair costs – while reducing your carbon footprint too.

Access reports
TomTom WEBFLEET® lets you generate accurate, reliable reports on a range of useful criteria. Want to look at journey times and private mileage for the past month? Just press print. You can use data gathered over the last 90 days to spot patterns and trends. You can even incorporate the data into payroll and other applications to make your processes more efficient.

TomTom WORKsmart™ Job

WORKsmart™ – Job

Run a fluid and responsive service with WORKsmart™ – Job
The only constant when you’re running a mobile business is constant change. A change of venue. A revised deadline. A vehicle breakdown. You need to take every challenge in your stride to keep your business on track.

  • Measure Performance
  • Maximise Efficiency
  • Streamline Processes

The WORKsmart™ – Job package lets you see at a glance how each job is progressing and communicate changing priorities in seconds – so you can optimise your business processes while enabling field-based teams to operate more efficiently.

Fast and efficient
WORKsmart™ - Job shows you the location and status of every driver on a digital map. When a new job comes in you can identify the nearest available driver and send the order instructions directly to their TomTom device. You can include the order type, full address, contact details and any special instructions – so there’s no room for error. The driver can then navigate straight to the destination, following the fastest, most fuel-efficient route.

Integrate dispatch and planning software
WORKsmart™ – Job enables you to streamline your business operation from start to finish. Integrate your dispatch and planning software with TomTom WEBFLEET® to create a seamless order entry process. Or take trip data into your accounting systems to create fully itemised invoices showing the distance travelled and time spent on each job.

Sending the best placed person for each job reduces fuel costs. Automating paper-intensive tasks such as mileage reporting saves you time and money on administration. With a streamlined business you can achieve more with the same number of people. In fact, thousands of WORKsmart™ – Job customers have reported a return on their initial investment in less than 9 months.

Meet your targets
The dashboard feature in WEBFLEET® shows you small graphs of KPIs – key performance indicators – relating to your service levels, productivity and costs, such as the number of orders completed in a day. So you’ll always know how well you’re doing against the targets you’ve set.

Giving your drivers a satnav device means they’ll have fewer distractions, drive fewer miles and have lower stress levels. With WORKsmart™ – Job, they’ll be even safer as they carry out their duties.

There’s no fumbling with mobile phones, or pulling over to write down instructions. New orders arrive as written messages on the TomTom PRO screen, and the text-to-speech software reads them out so your drivers can focus on the road ahead. You can pre-define written alerts for drivers to send if they’re in trouble. They can even use a Bluetooth® phone hands-free over the PRO device.

TomTom WORKsmart™ Time

WORKsmart™ – Time

Make every second count with WORKsmart™ – Time
In business, time is money. Money in, and money out. To maximise your profit margin, you need to increase your billable time and cut back on the costly kind – downtime, overtime, journey time, admin time.

  • Comply with regulations
  • Easy Timesheet Management
  • Reporting Excellence

With WORKsmart™ – Time, you can track and record how time is being spent across your organisation. You can then take steps to increase the number of hours spent on income-generating activities, and reduce the time spent on less profitable ones.

No more time wasting
Remove the manual timesheets and you immediately recover the time drivers spend filling them out. Back in the office, the automated time-keeping records are ready to use in payroll and other applications. 

There’s no time wasted collating sheets, adding up columns or ringing drivers to clarify an entry. It also gives you indisputable evidence when it comes to dealing with overtime claims. 

Need to keep track of time for legal reasons? WORKsmart™ – Time makes it easy. You can view and print reports at the touch of a button to demonstrate your compliance with working time directives, health and safety regulations and more. 

Your eye in the cab
WORKsmart™ – Time can also help you monitor how long truck drivers have spent at the wheel. There’s no need to wait for the trucks to return to the depot. The LINK unit installed in each truck simply transfers the tachograph data back to the office, where you can view it on TomTom WEBFLEET®.

You’ll see at a glance who has nearly reached their maximum driving time, and who has time to spare. And because you’re dealing with real time data, you can be confident that the decisions you make are based on the latest status of everyone on the road.

Reliable information
Manual timesheets are frustrating for drivers and time-consuming for your business. They are also less than reliable as drivers may struggle to remember exactly when they started or finished work.

WORKsmart™ – Time brings timesheet management into the 21st century, giving you the tools you need to track the exact working hours of individuals and groups travelling in your company cars, trucks and vans.

Employees just use their TomTom PRO or the Remote LINK Working Time device to register the moment they start work, take a break or head for home. So you end up with an accurate record of everyone’s working hours, not just the driver’s. Information about the vehicle’s current position and mileage is also sent back to the office, for viewing in real time over TomTom WEBFLEET®. 

An automated record
WORKsmart™ – Time gives you a reliable, automated record of the time everyone worked. Your business will then have a comprehensive, historic record of its staff-related operational costs to help with customer estimates and workload planning. And if you use the data in your finance systems, you’ll be able to send out detailed invoices showing customers just how much time was spent on each job.

TomTom WORKsmart™ Eco

WORKsmart™ – Eco

Work harder for yourself and the planet with WORKsmart™ – Eco
Eco-friendly businesses have an edge. Society respects their social conscience and they attract like-minded customers wanting to work with green suppliers. They tend to have lower operational costs and are already heading in the direction that legislation will force the rest to go.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Cut maintenance and running costs
  • Monitor your progess

Even if you’re more interested in economy than ecology, it makes sense to go green – and sooner rather than later. The WORKsmart™ – Eco package helps you reduce your company’s carbon footprint while cutting costs across your business. It’s the easy way to realise your green ambitions and save money at the same time.

Cut costs and save the environment
WORKsmart™ – Eco monitors and tracks driving styles across the fleet, giving you the insight you need to identify behaviour that’s risky to drivers, damaging to the environment and costly to your business.

The greater your mileage, the higher your CO2 emissions. Multiply high mileage by the number of drivers you have on the road, and it’s easy to see where a significant part of the problem lies. And where significant savings could be made.

If you choose a WORKsmart™ – Eco solution that includes TomTom PRO devices, your drivers can select the Eco Route as they navigate from one customer to the next. The Eco Route calculator considers all the factors that affect fuel consumption and identifies the most fuel-efficient route for the journey, saving you money at the pump while reducing your impact on the environment.

Spend less on maintenance
You can also track the current location of field vehicles with WORKsmart™ – Eco, which makes it easier to schedule work efficiently.

Sending the nearest available driver for a job can reduce unnecessary mileage across the fleet. And with less wear and tear on your company vehicles, your maintenance costs should be lower too. Not to mention your carbon footprint.

Greener driving
A stable, fluid driving style is more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly than speeding or stop-start driving in heavy traffic.

WORKsmart™ – Eco delivers information on the driving style, speed, carbon footprint and idle time of every vehicle you have on the road, straight to your PC.

With such detailed information to hand, you can see at a glance what needs to improve. You can then develop a green driving policy for your company, setting out the advice and guidance your drivers need to be more fuel-conscious on the road. You’ll also be helping to keep your drivers safer, by encouraging a driving style that reduces their exposure to risk.

Monitor your progress
TomTom WEBFLEET® uses the mileage and fuel consumption data for each car, van or truck to calculate the carbon footprint of individual vehicles and the entire fleet. The information can be viewed in real time as a KPI on the WEBFLEET® dashboard.

You can then compare vehicles according to their fuel efficiency, idle time and fuel wastage. You can also set targets for each KPI and measure individuals or teams against them, to ensure everyone’s doing their bit for the environment.

TomTom WORKsmart™ – Safety

WORKsmart™ – Safety

Keep your drivers safe with WORKsmart™ – Safety
Your drivers spend the best part of each day on the road, moving from one customer to the next through busy traffic along unfamiliar roads. But while they’re out of sight, they’re still under your care. So how can you help them to drive responsibly, with consideration for themselves, their vehicles and other road users?

  • Reduce the stress of navigation
  • Encourages safer driving
  • Hands free controls and support

WORKsmart™ – Safety is all you need to keep your drivers safe at the wheel from behind your desk. It reduces the stress associated with navigation while keeping drivers focused on the road and on their driving style. And it puts valuable data at your fingertips to assist with managing driving time and scheduling vehicle maintenance.

Protect your employees
WORKsmart™TM-Safety helps to protect your employees when they’re on your time, driving your vehicles. It shows you which drivers are putting themselves and your business at risk with at-a-glance visualisations in TomTom WEBFLEET®.

And it encourages your drivers to adopt a safe and efficient driving style by using the TomTom PRO device screen to alert them on key driving-style indicators.

Help drivers relax
With WORKsmart™ – Safety, it’s easier for drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

The advanced lane guidance function in the PRO device helps with navigating tricky junctions. Orders and job instructions arrive as written messages on the PRO device screen and are read out by text-to-speech software, so there’s no need to pull over and write things down.

New addresses can be entered by voice, and the hands-free calling support means there’s no fumbling for mobile phones. And just using satnav will reduce your drivers’ stress levels, too.

According to 2008 TomTom analysis of research by TNS involving drivers in 6 European countries, 74% of drivers are less stressed when using a navigation device.

Promote safer driving
WORKsmart™ – Safety enables you to promote a safer driving style across the fleet, with direct support for drivers in their vehicles and sophisticated tools for driving-style management in WEBFLEET.

Active Driver Feedback provides drivers themselves with real-time support for safer driving. Whenever there’s a notifiable driving event, such as harsh steering, sudden braking or speeding, an alert flashes on the TomTom PRO screen, reminding the driver to be careful.

Back in the office, the OptiDrive™ indicator in WEBFLEET represents the driving behaviour of an individual, group or the entire fleet using simple icons and values. So you can interpret the data on speeding, fuel efficiency, idling and braking/steering in seconds and decide if intervention is required. You can also adjust the importance given to each component to match your priorities.

Manage driving time
As a responsible business, you need to ensure your drivers are not exceeding the legal safe limits for time behind the wheel. So it’s vital that you factor driving time into your workload planning and management.

WORKsmart™TM-Safety gives you full and instant access to the working hours of any of your drivers, in any kind of vehicle. When it comes to truck drivers, it’s especially important that every minute is accounted for. WORKsmart™ – Safety transmits the truck’s tachograph data directly to WEBFLEET in real time. So you’ll always know who’s approaching the limit, and who has time to spare.

For drivers of cars, vans, limousines and taxis, WORKsmart™ – Safety makes it easy to monitor each driver’s total working hours and jobs per day, so you can see at a glance who may be overloaded, and who could be doing more.

Improve maintenance scheduling
With WORKsmart™ – Safety, live odometer data from your fleet vehicles is imported into your maintenance scheduling programmes. This helps you to determine the service requirements of each vehicle with precision. And as every fleet manager knows, well-maintained vehicles are safer vehicles.

TomTom WORKsmart™ – Insight

WORKsmart™ – Insight

World Class Management Reporting with WORKsmart™ – Insight
Managing people and vehicles is hard enough. It’s harder still when they’re miles away and moving in different directions. But that’s the challenge you face every day.

  • Stay focused
  • Gather detailed figures
  • Keep up to date information

You can’t be everywhere at once, so when the time comes to make business-critical decisions, how can you be sure you have all the relevant facts? The detailed figures? The most up-to-date information?

You can have all this and more with WORKsmart™ – Insight.

It gathers vital, minute-by-minute information about your dispersed workforce and presents it in an easy-to-use format on your PC. It’s all you need to cut through the clutter and drive your business.

Manage your costs
WORKsmart™ – Insight allows you to exercise complete control over your dispersed business no matter how many vehicles you’re running, or how far away they’re travelling. It gives you the detailed information you need to manage your costs, improve your service levels and increase productivity.

And you can do it all over the internet, from any PC, using the TomTom WEBFLEET® application.

Gather valuable business intelligence
WORKsmart™ – Insight gives you instant access to the most comprehensive set of data imaginable.

You can view the current and historic location of every vehicle...The mileage each car, van or truck travelled between stops and the time taken...Identify which are business, commuting or personal miles.

The time your staff started and finished work...When they took a break.

The speed a vehicle is being driven...The gear it’s in...The fuel it’s using (or wasting) and the associated carbon footprint. The list goes on.

With all this information at your fingertips, you can make well-informed, evidence-based decisions to keep your costs down, productivity up – and your business moving forwards.

Monitor your performance
The WEBFLEET® dashboard presents all this information in one place, with simple graphs that make it easy to understand at a glance. The data is grouped into KPIs so you can measure how well individuals and groups are doing against targets you have set.

The system stores data for the past 90 days, so you can arrange to view the data over time to identify any trends. If performance is poor or slackening in one area, you can drill down to the detail and work out exactly where to make a change.

Generate automated reports
WORKsmart™ – Insight makes light work of preparing reports. Because all the data is there in the system, ready to reproduce whenever and however you choose – all at the push of a button.

You can arrange for reports to be generated automatically every day, week or month, print one out as you need it or have scheduled reports sent straight to your email address.

Streamline your business processes
The data may be stored in WEBFLEET®, but that’s no reason for it to sit there. Make it work for you by adding value to your everyday business processes.

You can enrich your payroll applications with working hours data, for example. Use mileage figures to provide activity- based accounting for your customers. Or separate private and business mileage records for tax purposes.

TomTom WORKsmart™ – Connect


Pull together with WORKsmart™ – Connect
Once you’ve invested in systems and software, it’s hard to start again from scratch. And no matter how much you could potentially save with new technology, you don’t want to see your original investment wasted.

Happily, your business can enjoy all the benefits of a TomTom WORKsmart™ solution using the systems you already have.

We’ll repeat that. Whatever you’re using to run your dispatch, scheduling, service and accounting processes, you can bring them all together in a fully-functioning, fully-integrated fleet management solution thanks to WORKsmart™ – Connect. Our network of trusted integrators and software partners have been setting up bespoke systems for our customers with no problem at all, so you can rest assured that it’s a completely proven solution.

Driving Business

  • Real-time data from the road enriches current systems
  • Comprehensive fleet management function
  • Seamless integration, out of the box
  • Proven success with trusted partners

WORKsmart™ – Connect
With WORKsmart™ – Connect, the fleet and workforce data that is presented and stored in TomTom WEBFLEET® can be used by any of the applications you are using to run your back-end processes. No matter what software you’re using, or how you have it arranged, our WEBFLEET® connect API gives you full access to these valuable records.

Monitor the fleet 24/7
WEBFLEET® gives you 24-hour secure access to business-critical, real time information about your dispersed workforce over the internet, from any PC. You can use it to monitor driving time, idling time, working hours, mileage records, vehicle locations, vehicle speeds, fuel consumption, carbon emissions, job status, delivery details and more. You can view it all at any time on the WEBFLEET® dashboard, or generate reports on different aspects using data that has been collected over the last 90 days.

Work smarter
It’s just the sort of information you need to drive your business into the future. And with WORKsmart™ – Connect, you’ll also be making the most of the systems you bought in the past.

Integrate with back-office systems
In no time at all you could be enriching your applications with data that’s fresh from the road. Use accurate working hours data in your payroll applications. Provide customers with itemised invoices showing the time and mileage related to each job. Draw on real time vehicle location and job status information to optimise scheduling. Or check your business initiatives are delivering results by measuring KPIs against your targets.

Trust us to deliver
WORKsmart™ solutions are being used by your industry peers in hundreds of different environments. The open architecture of the underlying application means that integration with most industry-standard applications happens straight out of the box. In the few cases where integration is not instantaneous, our trusted partners have the experience necessary to get your solution up and running fast.

"Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your Traxxis GPS staff. A few weeks ago I spoke to Scott about having a problem deleting groups on our account. He went through the procedure to make sure I was doing it correctly. Once it was determined that I was doing it correctly, he offers to stay on the phone and delete them for me. Which I think was super customer service. However, I told him I didn’t have the time right now, and he stated for me to email him a list, and he would take care of it. I got busy and forgot to send an email but Garrett, I think, called and asked me what groups I wanted to be deleted. At the time I thought that was a little strange because I didn’t put two and two to together. Then to my surprise, when I was working in WebFleet yesterday, the groups had been deleted. Now, I call this great customer service!!! Your staff took it upon themselves to follow up with me, even when I hadn’t done my part, and deleted those groups. From your customer service staff to your billing staff I always receive good service.

Your staff is always pleasant and very helpful. You should be very proud of your staff since this is not the norm in today's business world.

Great Job!!!!"
J. Lynn Jones Admin Supervisor - Utility Company