Create a plan, view the plan in progress, and monitor in near real-time your shipments and trucks on the roads.

Easy tools to create and manage trip plans.

  • View trips in progress, late stops, stop details, driver tasks, and more, all on easy-to-read maps and graphical displays.
  • With alert notifications, you can see a variance to the plan and respond as needed.
  • Integrate with outside routing software or create your routes through Trip Manager—it’s quick and easy for any size fleet.

Improve customer service and responsiveness.

  • Increase dispatch efficiency, driver productivity, and on-time service.
  • Verify delivery history and access reports such as overages, shorts, and damages.
  • Increase responsiveness to customer inquiries and requests with the information that Trip Manager provides.

Retain good drivers.

  • Increase driver productivity and satisfaction.
  • Pay drivers accurately for work performed.
  • Ensure proper procedures are followed at each stop.
  • Electronically store driver, trip, stop, and vehicle data for later query and evaluation.