Running Smart (Omnitracs XRS EOBR Compliance)

Published on 12-01-2015

Harness the power of mobile technoloy. The future of trucking compliance and fleet optimization has been simplified. Now, through the XRS mobile platform, fleets and drivers can use hand-held mobile technology to easily and inexpensively capture the data to keep drivers compliant and reduce costs.

Running trucking operations just got easier with the XRS mobile platform. After a 10 minute installation, you can easily manage data viewable on tablets and phones in the field and on the road.

Almost 90 percent of drivers have mobile devices. Why not use them? We’re in a whole new world of regulation. CSA scores can grind fleets to a halt before they know it. Sharper, easier monitoring to avoid violations is needed; XRS makes that happen for fleets of all sizes, using drivers’ hand-held devices.