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Fleet Size Doesn't Matter with Maxoptra by Traxxis GPS

When it comes to scheduling and routing software,

there seems to be a misconception among people industrywide that robust software solutions are only available for the biggest players with large fleets. To see a return on investment, it is believed that a business must have a sizeable fleet of vehicles in operation every day. However, this simply isn't the case and you could benefit from the same growth potential and improved customer service as large companies who have the latest tools working for them.

If you do run a small to medium size fleet, there is no reason why you can’t take advantage of what a route planning and optimization software solution has to offer. As long as you have vehicles on the road, Traxxis has a solution for you. For example, Maxoptra by Traxxis GPS is a cloud-based solution that requires little hardware and very small installation costs to get started. As the processing is done via powerful remote computers, your business will have access to the whole system using just the internet. Much like your smartphone and other gadgets, software updates will be done automatically too. Moreover, you will have access to a full support team should you need some help.

Another misconception with software solutions like this is that they are expensive. However, in reality, you simply pay for what you need with a cloud-based solution as opposed to getting involved with all sorts of complicated hardware and networking packages. Because Maxoptra is a cloud-based solution offering planning, route optimization and efficient dispatching, you are able to stay at the leading edge of technology at an affordable price without the headaches of maintaining the infrastructure.

With this in mind, the risk in choosing Maxoptra as a cloud-based solution is very small while the rewards can be huge. Not only would you have the potential to reduce drive time, you could cut fuel costs which also reduces emissions among other benefits. Furthermore, Maxoptra has also been proven to cut fleet mileage by at least 10% and sometimes up to 20%. Even for a small company, this can yield large savings.

No matter what size your company is, can get an immediate edge in business. This edge runs through the gamut of your operations to include: ability to gain more accounts without having to add vehicles or field technicians, reduce hours spent planning by up to 80% and increase customer satisfaction by alerting customers with real-time arrival ETA’s while being able to quickly adjust to any sudden or urgent order changes.

It’s true don’t you agree? Fleet size really doesn’t matter when it comes to routing software. As long as you have a superior vendor like Traxxis GPS Solutions to help you choose the right solution for your business, you can become more efficient than ever before which is important in this ever-more competitive landscape!