Performance Monitoring can help you manage fuel consumption by monitoring driver behaviors and fleet data. Track vehicle and driver performance with a direct interface using Omnitracs fuel management software. Experience the benefits of our state-of-the art application.

Lower your fleet’s truck fuel consumption.

  • Identify and correct the behaviors that contribute to poor fuel management.
  • Leverage the robust querying and data visualization tools that identify worrisome trends.
  • Monitor 16 performance measures that affect truck fuel consumption in your fleet.

Use performance data to coach and reward drivers.

  • Create individual driver performance scorecards, list best and worst drivers, and highlight good and poor performance based on levels you define.

Identify critical performance issues quickly.

  • Quickly identify which fuel-related performance issues are impacting your business.
  • Turn data into actionable information with an intuitive user-interface, including dashboards.

Streamline your business operations by determining the bottom-line financial impact of good and bad driving performance.

  • Quantify the financial impact of driver behaviors with easy-to-use tools.
  • Reduce the work of analysts with robust reporting and querying tools, and use flexible access controls to get the right information to the right people.