Plan preventative fleet maintenance more accurately and dramatically reduce your fleet’s need for roadside assistance and out-of-network repairs. Vehicle Maintenance monitors the most common engine fault codes and provides near real-time alerts when fault codes have been generated. Benefits include:

Reduced maintenance and repair costs through more proactive management of potential maintenance issues.

  • Provides near real-time notification when faults are generated.
  • Sends fault notifications via email or web services integration.
  • Reports alerts on fault codes so you can direct your vehicles to optimal inspection and service locations quickly and efficiently.
  • Turns your fleet and vehicle data into actionable information.

Fewer on-road breakdowns, which are expensive and time-intensive.

  • Captures and reports vehicle diagnostic information hourly with reported fault alerts.
  • Graphs vehicle diagnostic performance before and after reported faults.

Improved access to vehicle information with an intuitive web interface.

  • Enables you to access the web interface any time and any place.
  • Displays details on fleet and individual vehicles using an intuitive web interface and graphical tools.