Network fleet Traxxis GPS Solutions
  • Clean and Easy Navigation

    • Quickly see the status of your vehicles
    • View schedules and driver profiles
    • View history of each vehicle's route
    • Traffic overlay and weather
    • Dynamic vehicle, asset, driver and address filtering
  • Locate Vehicles and More

    • Routes and Stops
    • Vehicle Performance
    • Historical Data
    • View Important Alerts
  • Idle Time Analytics Dashbord

    • Save Fuel
    • Collect Data for Vehicle Maintenance
    • Cost Simulator
    • Driver/Vehicle Ranking
  • Analyzing Performance

    • Identify Trends
    • Control Costs
    • Manage Maintenance
  • Manage your fleet while on the go with easy access to fleet data, routing, scheduling, diagnostics and driver behavior.

    • Receive reminder alerts for vehicle maintenance
    • Visualize driving behavior to spot and correct negative driving behaviors
    • See at a glance if vehicles are moving, idling or stopped
    • Receive alerts for speeding drivers
    • Receive check engine (diagnostic trouble code) alerts
  • Driver App

    Manage routes and schedules, respond to vehicle alerts, and keep track of driving performance

    • Set schedules, add new stops, re-route and mark stops as complete
    • Be encouraged to practice safe and courteous driving through activity alerts
    • Locate the closest team driver if assistance is needed
    • Follow voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions to the next stop or point of interest (POI)
  • Traxxis GPS Driver ID Driver ID
  • Verizon Networkfleet Road Side Assistance Roadside Assistance
  • Verizon Networkfleet Fuel Card Integration Fuel Card Integration

Driver ID Traxxis GPS

With Driver ID, you know which driver is operating each vehicle in your fleet - at all times.

Networkfleet makes it easy to understand the location and performance of your vehicles. With Networkfleet’s Driver ID, you can know which driver is operating which vehicle at all times – automatically.


Depending on their goals, every company will achieve different types and amounts of cost savings with a wireless fleet management system. However, most can realize measurable results in the following cost-containment areas.


  • Simple, one-touch operation
  • Awareness of which driver is operating a vehicle at all times
  • Seamless tracking of driver performance across multiple vehicles
  • No need to manually assign drivers to vehicles
  • Identification of unauthorized vehicle use
  • Identification of problem drivers across multiple vehicles
  • Optional external buzzer available



Driver ID is simple to operate and requires no additional software.


  • The Driver ID Reader is installed in the dashboard and connects directly to the Networkfleet unit.
  • Each driver is assigned an ID Key.
  • Upon entering a vehicle and turning on the ignition, the driver touches their ID Key to the face of the ID Reader in the dashboard. If the driver forgets to enter the key, an LED light blinks periodically as a reminder.
  • Driver ID automatically updates your Networkfleet portal, and assigns the driver’s name or ID to the vehicle.


Roadside Assistance

Protect Your Drivers with Networkfleet's Free Roadside Assistance

With Networkfleet's complimentary roadside assistance program, your drivers can quickly get help in case of a vehicle breakdown. This free service covers any four of the following scenarios for each vehicle in your fleet, annually:

  • Towing: Up to 25 miles of towing for any size vehicle from the point of breakdown to the nearest service provider or other specified location. There is an additional fee for towing a car more than 25 miles.
  • Locksmith Service: Locksmith services will be provided at an accessible location.
  • Battery Boost: Jump-start or perform minor mechanical adjustments to start the car.
  • Tire Change: A roadside assistance provider will replace a flat tire with the car's available spare tire.
  • Fuel Delivery: An emergency supply of fuel will be delivered to the disablement site. If necessary, the car will be towed to the nearest gas station.
  • Winch: Includes extraction of the vehicle when it is stuck on ice, in mud, or snow on a normally traveled roadway.

Fuel Card Integrated Solution

Traxxis GPS offers an integrated fuel card solution if you use Wright Express fuel cards in your fleet. This offering provides you with the ability to track precise fuel card purchases and includes monthly and year-to-date reporting to help you control fleet fuel costs and improve profitability all in one system.

When you integrate your WEX fuel card with Networkfleet, you get these two additional reporting tools:

  • Fuel Card Transactions Report is designed to allow the user to see all fuel transactions.
  • Fuel Guard Report compares the transaction location with the vehicle's location and time to determine if the proper vehicle was being fueled or if there was a potential fraud event.

New for 2014: the Networkfleet GPS system will be integrated with the Voyager fuel card from U.S. Bank

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  • VehiclePath
  • Omnitracs
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