CoPilot® Truck™ is a highly customizable, on-board navigation application that provides reliable, detailed ALK Digital Maps™ enhanced with industry standard PC*MILER truck-specific attributes and a large selection of truck-specific Points of Interest stored directly on the MCP. This driver-centric solution offers an intuitive in-cab user interface with extensive customization options. Experience what CoPilot® Truck™ can do for your fleet.

Offers driver-centric features.

  • Allows drivers to input vehicle parameters and route preferences, such as Practical, Shortest, National Network, 53’ Trailer, or Twins and Toll Avoidance.
  • Provides load-specific routing with 30 Hazmat road classes and categories.
  • Includes millions of Points of Interest (POIs) including truck services, truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations, and CAT scales.
  • Displays route restrictions clearly with recognizable warning symbols.
  • Provides fast, automatic re-route calculation if a turn is missed.
  • Provides enhanced guidance on the approach to complex junctions and highway exits with CoPilot ClearTurn™ realistic view.
  • Provides a practical user interface with personalized design options.

Improves driver safety.

  • Provides safe and reliable routes on truck-legal roads.
  • Displays the posted speed limit on major roads and provides visual and audible alerts
  • when posted limits are exceeded.
  • Takes into account 3.52 million commerical truck restrictions and allowances.
  • Provides voice guidance with full spoken street names, and loud and visual warnings about upcoming hazards.
  • Provides clear 2D, 3D, and Driver Safety map guidance views.
  • Displays at-a-glance text instructions and a large arrow indicating your next turn, substantially minimizing driver distraction in the cab.
  • Improves driver safety by encouraging “hands free” directions.

Saves time and fuel.

  • Allows drivers to enter up to 50 stops or waypoints in an itinerary and optimize them for the most efficient route.
  • Generates optimal routes based on vehicle size and load type to help reduce mileage, tolls, and fuel.