Put the focus on safety by adopting Critical Event Reporting within your fleet. We make it possible for you to know what’s happening in your fleet when it happens. CER delivers results.

Critical Event Reporting

  • Monitors hard-braking, driver-initiated alerts, and key onboard sensor data.
  • Sends near real-time alerts when critical events occur.
  • Collects on-board second-by-second sensor data before, during, and after an event.
  • Records objective information safety managers can use when coaching drivers.
  • Delivers graphical satellite-images and hybrid maps of incident locations with its GPS fleet tracking capability.
  • Provides on-board vehicle sensor and device information including parking brake status, speed, and hard braking deceleration rate.
  • Provides metrics and results you can use to reward and further improve safe driving behavior.
  • Enables you to reduce down-time and loss in overall productivity caused by accidents.
  • Eliminates the burden of collecting driver safety information manually.
  • Provides driver/truck ID, time/date, position/location, and hours of service (HOS) status as the critical event happens.

Critical Event Reporting Add-Ons

  • Hard Braking triggers a warning when a vehicle is traveling at more than 20 mph and its speed decreases by at least 9 mph per second for three consecutive calculations, each made two seconds apart.
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW) triggers a warning when the driver leaves a lane too many times within a given time period without using the turn signal.
  • Following Time Violation (FTV) alerts safety managers when drivers are habitually following vehicles in front of them too closely.
  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW) allows you to track near-miss accidents over time.
  • Experience the benefits of Critical Event Reporting:
  • Proactively identify and respond to unsafe driving behaviors before accidents happen.
  • Gain an accurate understanding of critical events.
  • Improve driver safety.
  • Reduce liability exposure.
  • Increase operational efficiency.