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Comprehensive Fleet Fuel Management

Identify Vehicles that Need Fuel Efficiency Improvement

It's likely that a high percentage of your fleet's total operating costs go toward fuel. Managing fuel with Networkfleet® helps you identify vehicles that need maintenance or drivers that need training.

With Networkfleet's fuel reporting suite, you can:

  • Verify fuel expenses with hard data
  • Identify potential fuel card abuse
  • Reduce fuel use to in turn reduce fuel costs
  • Modify fuel-wasting driving behaviors

Networkfleet’s Fuel Reporting Suite Includes:

  • Fuel Usage and MPG Report - monitor fuel used by each vehicle; reconcile gallons consumed with fuel card expenses; monitor miles each vehicle has driven.
  • Speed Violations Report - improve safety and lower insurance costs by monitoring speed violations; create and enforce a speed policy to promote driver safety.
  • Idle Time Report - view the number of hours of idle per vehicle; compare an individual vehicle's idle time with peer vehicles; pinpoint underutilized or inactive driving hours.
  • Stop Detail and Idle Time Report - review a vehicle's stops and pinpoint excessive idling.
  • Fuel Guard Report* - see location and time fuel was purchased to determine if there was a potential fraud event.
  • Fuel Card Transaction Report* - get fuel transactions for a definable time period as well as details regarding those transactions including location, gallons, and total cost.